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Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

Welcome to Burgundy!!!

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Renaissance Faire and History

This community was created for all members, volunteers, and patrons of the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival, located in Columbia MO, and takes place during the weekend of OCTOBER 18-19 2008 at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

All manner of posts are welcome feel free to:
Chat with other members about faire
Advertise your booth/event
Swap stories and advice on sewing or surviving faire
Post photos

1. Be polite to other members.
2. Please put very long or posts with more than one picture behind a cut.
3. Please do not make posts advertising other faires or online auctions without previous permission from the mod and NO repeat advertising.

and most importantly...

4. DO NOT use this forum to bash the faire's managers, performers, or vendors. Violation of this rule constitues instant banning from the community.